Global Excellence Model Council

Global guardians of premier Excellence Models

The Global Excellence Model (GEM) Council consists of organisations that are recognised globally as the guardians of premier Excellence Models and Award processes in their specific geographical region/area or trading block. These not-for-profit organisations provide mutual learning and sharing of good practices and initiatives, and maintain direct access to the private and public sectors. They place their Excellence mission above short-term commercial exploitation.

GEM Council members support and promote the interests and activities of GEM, participate in cross-national working groups and acknowledge the mutual benefits of sharing and learning activities. The ambition of the GEM Council is to ultimately secure membership from each significant geographical region/trading block across the globe.

GEM Council Mission Statement

Through a formalised approach for sharing knowledge, experience and information, the members of GEM Council, as guardians of Premier Excellence Models and Award processes globally, enhance the value for their customers and other stakeholders by:

  • Maintaining a leading edge position on Excellence Models
  • Sensing business trends and external factors which impact the Excellence Models
  • Creating a global fraternity in the field of Excellence
  • Exploring opportunities for new products/activities
  • Coordinating and sharing specific Excellence Award activities
  • Agreeing consistent public communications on Organisational Excellence

The first meeting of GEM Council took place in October 2000 with GEM founding members AQC (Australia), BNQP (USA), EFQM (Europe), JQA (Japan), SAEF (S. Africa; Defunct in 2005) and SQA (Singapore). The GEM Council meets annually at the premises of one of its members.

Current members of the GEM Council

Recruitment to the GEM Council can be instigated either by current GEM Council Members or by individual organisations making a formal approach one of the members.

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