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Have you ever wondered how some people can rapidly process seemingly disconnected pieces of information to gain clear insights into complex organisational issues? How some people are better at "joining the dots" than others? How some people can see beyond the detail and understand the "big picture"? This ability is one of the factors that differentiates "leaders" from "managers".

The EFQM Excellence Model provides a framework for analysing organisational performance and understanding the connections between what they do and the results they achieve. By working as a team, our Assessors are able to quickly determine what's key to success and the potential barriers that need to be addressed.

Who can be an EFQM Assessor?

The Model assesses all areas of an organisation; leadership, strategy, people management and development, product development and delivery, customer management and resource management. To complete the assessment effectively, the assessor team needs to have a range of people with different backgrounds and experience. Our Assessors come from our Members. They come from different disciplines, including HR, General Management, Finance, Quality Management, CSR and Operations. They all bring their own, real-life experience with them into the assessment.

Developing your potential

Being part of an EFQM Assessment is a unique learning experience. Where else would you get the opportunity to work as part of an international team, understanding what really makes a leading organisation tick? You make connections within the team, helping build your personal network. You will also develop your ability to read an organisation, understand complex business issues and propose pragmatic and practical solutions.

How to become an EFQM Assessor

Firstly, you need to have relevant business experience. This can be in practically any discipline; Strategy Development, HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing, etc. Secondly, you need to attend the EFQM Assessor Training which will give you the knowledge and skills you will need. If you pass the training, you can apply to become part of our assessor pool and practice your new skills. This is mandatory to take part in the next step: for you to join the EFQM Qualified Assessor Training in order to perfrom international assessments and deliver high added value feedback to the organisation applying for a recognition level. 

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