Corporate Data Quality Management

Your opportunity to coordinate CDQM activities

This document describes the Framework for Corporate Data Quality Management (CDQM). It supports organizations in the assessment and analysis of remedies for missed opportunities and unexploited potentials of CDQM. It is based on the EFQM Excellence Model - which is used by over 30,000 organizations in the world - and gives organizations the opportunity to coordinate CDQM activities by applying an approach of demonstrated value.

Furthermore, the Framework can be used in several ways:

  • as a tool to benchmark with other organizations,
  • as a guide to identify areas for improvement and raise awareness for corporate data quality,
  • as a common vocabulary and way of thinking,
  • and as a framework around which CDQM capabilities can be developed.

The Framework for CDQM addresses professionals in organization which deal with the management of and those individuals benefiting from good corporate data quality.

The Business Perspective on Corporate Data Quality Organizations need to respond to a number of business drivers for which high-quality corporate data are a critical prerequisite.

  • Risk management and compliance
  • Integrated customer management
  • Business process integration, automation and standardisation
  • Reporting
  • IT consolidation


  • Purpose of the document
  • The business perspective on Corporate Data Quality
  • Basic concepts
    • Corporate Data Quality Management
      • Corporate Data and Master Data
      • Quality aspects of Corporate Data
      • Management of Corporate Data Quality
    • EFQM Excellence Model
    • RADAR
  • The EFQM Excellence Model and the Framework for Corporate Data Quality Management
  • The Framework for Corporate Data Quality Management
    • Enablers
      • Strategy
      • Controlling
      • Organisation & People
      • Processes & Methods
      • Data Architecture
      • Applications
    • Results
      • Customer Results
      • People Results
      • Society Results
      • Business Results
  • Implementing the Framework for Corporate Data Quality Management
    • The Self-Assessment Process
    • Choosing the right Self-Assessment technique
    • Further help
      • EFQM resources
      • CDQM resources
      • Consortium CC CDQ
      • Tools
  • Appendix A : Assignment of result types to enablers criteria
  • Appendix B : Self-Assessment tools
  • Appendix C : Linking the EFQM Fundamental Concepts to the Framework for Corporate Data Quality Management
  • Glossary of terms
  • Acknowledgements

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