December 2014

December 2014 - Awards Special

Dear Readers,

2014 is coming to a close and it is time to reflect on the past 12 months. I certainly hope this has been a successful year for your organisation. We did not stand still either.

We have continued to deploy our strategy, which aimed at better supporting the EFQM Community. A finer understanding of our members’ needs led to the introduction of 2 new products in 2014. A lighter assessment, Committed to Excellence (still across all 9 criteria) will help smaller organisations start their journey towards excellence. A sustainability assessment, Committed to Sustainability, developed in partnership with UN Global Compact and several members, will help all organisations focus on this increasingly critical dimension.

Four new partners joined EFQM in 2014 in an effort to increase our local presence in more countries, thus improving the support to you. Organisations in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia can now be supported locally, in their local language, on their EFQM journey. EFQM now has local presence in 34 countries, including 24 of the EU’s 28 member states. And we have done a number of other things to improve our members interface capability in an effort to improve the service we deliver. And the plate is already pretty full for 2015!

I hope you will enjoy ready this last 2014 edition of Excellence in Action and look forward to supporting you next year.

Finally, I wish you and those dear to you a merry Christmas, happy holidays and an excellent new year.

Marc Amblard
Chief Executive Officer, EFQM

In this issue of Excellence in Action, you will read about...

New EFQM Board Members and their contributions

The EFQM Board of Directors meets twice a year. Its role is to ensure that EFQM’s strategy and its implementation are aligned with the mission of the Foundation, taking into account the views and expectations of all stakeholder groups. It also strives to maximise the added-value for members and to secure EFQM’s sustainable financial independence. The Board of Directors consists of the CEOs or senior executives of EFQM members. Directors are elected for a two-year period....

The EFQM Excellence Award 2014

In 2014, 8 organisations were nominated for the EFQM Excellence Award. Out of the 8 nominees, the jury identified one Award Winner, 4 Prize Winners and 3 Finalists. Find out who they are! In this section you will also read about organisations on their way towards Excellence and what's going on in our Partners' Network...

Sharing What Works

 As the world never stands still, organisations need to continuously adapt to remain competitive. To do this, they must learn from experience - both their own and of others. This year, we have collected several articles, thanks to all our contributors. In this section you will have access to most of these contributions, testominals and interviews written by trainers, assessors and experts...



How EFQM can help you...

Answer 6 simple questions about your organisation and find out how EFQM can help you on your journey to Excellence...

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