Determining Excellence Survey

The Determining Excellence Questionnaire has long been a favourite with organisations looking for a simple way to start using the Model, or a way to get feedback from a wider audience on the approaches they have adopted. Previously, it has only been available in hard copy from the EFQM website but we are now offering it as an online survey service.

The questionnaire contains 49 questions, based on the EFQM Excellence Model. The survey can be easily distributed across the organisation, with minimal training required for the participants, to gain the views and experience of as wide a sample as you want. The Determining Excellence Survey is one of the self-assessment options that works with the Committed to Excellence Validation option.

How does it work?

It's easy to set up and distribute the survey:

  • Agree the sample size and if you need the results segmented e.g. by department, site or grade.
  • We set up the survey according to your specifications and send you the link.
  • You set the closing date and distribute the link. 
  • We produce the report(s) and send them to you in PDF format.

The Report

The resulting report gives an overview of how people perceive the organisation’s current performance in each area. It includes:

  • A Management Summary, highlighting the highest and lowest scoring areas.
  • Average scores per question; the higher the rating, the better people feel you are performing in this area.
  • A scoring profile against the 9 criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model.
  • The verbatim comments from everyone who took part in the survey.


The Standard Option gives you:

  • Dedicated link to the Determining Excellence Survey. 
  • Up to 50 responses to the on-line survey. 
  • Full analysis by the EFQM Team. 
  • The report, complete with scoring and comments, in PDF format.


  • EFQM Member Price: €800 (standard option); additional segmentation €400 per report

The Determinig Excellence Survey can be used as an input for the EFQM One-Day Workshop.

If you are interested, please contact us at for more information.

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