EFQM Assessor Training

Your passport to being an EFQM Assessor

This 3-day course is designed to train qualified EFQM Assessors, as well as provide a more detailed understanding of the EFQM Excellence Model and the RADAR Logic.  This course provides an efficient learning experience delivered by experienced professionals.

A pre-course work is required (+/- 10-15 hours), which enables you to have an insight in the case study and be prepared for the group exercises.  It uses a case study which resembles a real submission document, which helps simulating real-life assessing circumstances during the group exercises.

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During the course, you will learn about:

  • Working in team and assessing
  • Assessing using the EFQM Excellence Model
  • The Assessment Process
  • Conducting site visit interviews
  • Assessing and scoring
  • Final preparation for the site visit
  • Reviewing the interviews, consolidation and preparing the feedback
  • Final preparation of the feedback and presentation
  • Key learning points on the assessment process

Who is this course for?

The EFQM Assessor Training is open to anyone who has a deep interest in the EFQM Excellence Model and the Assessment.  This course is a prerequisite for those who would like to participate as an EFQM Award Assessor.

Pre-requisites skills

  • Relevant business experience
  • Good knowledge of the Model (if this is not the case, we advise following the Basic Assessor Training before registering to the EFQM Assessor Training).

Valuable addition to your CV

Throughout the 3 days, you will be evaluated by the trainers, based on an Assessor Competency Model.  This individual assessment and coaching is based on your team work contributions, your evaluation of information, your feedback and written exercises. It helps you build on your strengths and work on your areas for improvement.

This course is a pass or fail. Passing formally qualifies you as an international EFQM Excellence Assessor and enables you to potentially act as an EFQM Award Assessor.  It will demonstrate to your colleagues and peers that you acquired the skills and knowledge required to effectively assess an organisation as part of a high performing international assessment team, as well as to develop and practice managerial skills.

When & where?

This training is delivered regularly at the EFQM offices in Brussels, or it can be organised at your premises.  Take a look at the Calendar to see when the next EFQM Assessor Training is planned.  Click here to register.


  • EFQM Member: 1,840 Euro (excluding VAT)
  • Non-member: 2,300 Euro (excluding VAT)

For more information, don't hesitate to contact training@efqm.org.

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