EFQM Global Excellence Award 2018

The Award Nominees are announced!

We are glad to announce the nominees of this year's EFQM Global Excellence Award!

Dubai Police

The Dubai Police force founded on the 1st of June 1956.  It has spent Decades of development and innovation; the force grew from 29 members in 1956 to 24,000 today. Covers an area of 4,114 square kilometres in a city that has seen tremendous Economic growth and a high level of urbanisation. Dubai Police vision "Police Pioneering for a safe city" along with its Identity "Smart Secure Together” reflects the core belief that safety, technology, openness and tolerance are the corner stone of our identity. We provide service to a highly diversified population, which consist of approximately half of the UAE population that includes more than 200 nationalities. 


HLA Moncloa University Hospital

The HLA Hospital Universitario Moncloa (HUM) is the HLA group's largest healthcare facility that offers multidisciplinary healthcare of the highest quality to all our patients. Along its more than 20 years of existence, the Hospital has fulfilled its main objective: to offer a maximum level of hospital care in the Community of Madrid and to become a center of reference in healthcare quality and excellence. As an associate university hospital, they have 58 professionals linked to the University and 6 associate professors, developing the skills of some 90 undergraduate students in internships.


Infineon Technologies Austria

Infineon Technologies Austria AG (IFAT) is a subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG, a world leader in semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer and greener. The Austrian headquarters is in Villach, with further branches in Klagenfurt, Graz, Linz and Vienna. Besides Germany, Infineon Austria is the only subsidiary within the Group that pools competencies for research and development, production and global business responsibility. Their employees from around 60 countries have established Infineon as a leading company in Austria. Infineon has been one of the most research-focused companies in Austria and a pioneer for digitalisation for many years.


Mini Assembly, Plant Oxford

MINI Plant Oxford is part of the BMW Group. The first ‘classic’ Minis were produced here in 1959. Today, three plants play a role in MINI production. Plant Hams Hall, which manufactures engines; Plant Swindon, which produces sub-assemblies and body pressings; and Plant Oxford, where the car’s body is built, painted and assembled. MINI Plant Oxford builds around 1,000 cars each day – one every 67 seconds. 


Sakarya University

Sakarya University (SAU) is a public and higher education institution. SAU has 1984 academic staff and 727 administrative staff, containing 17 faculties, 4 schools, 15 vocational schools, 6 institutes and 3 heads of department affiliated to the Rector, with a total of 92,000 students.


Tarsus Municipality

Tarsus is a historic city in south-central Turkey, 20 km inland from the Mediterranean. It is part of the Adana-Mersin Metropolitan Area, the fourth-largest metropolitan area in Turkey with a population of 3 million people. Tarsus forms an administrative district in the eastern part of the Mersin Province and lies in the core of Çukurova region. The services provided by the municipality are, amongst others: development and urban planning, geographic and urban information systems, environment and health, cleaning, municipal police, housing, culture and art, tourism and promotion, social services and assistance and support for the development of economy and trade.



VAMED-KMB provides planning and realisation of constructions, conversions and extensions during ongoing hospital operations as well as valuable and sustainable operations management services with the focal points being building services, structural engineering, maintenance of about 50,000 medical devices, information and communication technology as well as infrastructural and commercial services for the General Hospital of the City of Vienna. The technical infrastructure of the General Hospital consists of approximately 20,000 building technology systems – including 135 elevators, 1,813 air conditioning and air handling units and much more


Yangtze optical fibre and cable joint stock limited company (YOFC) 

Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) is mainly producing and selling different types and standards of optical preform, optical fibre and optical cable that are widely installed in telecommunication industry, customized specialty fibre and cable, RF coaxial cable and accessories. YOFC also provides the integrated system, project design and services. In addition, YOFC is equipped with a full series of fibre and cable and solutions, providing a variety of different products and solutions for world’s telecom industry and other industries (e.g. Publicity, Transportation, Oil & Chemistry and Medication) and offering its products and services to over 60 countries and regions around the world.