EFQM Global Excellence Award Assessment

One of the most rigorous assessments

The EFQM Global Excellence Award Programme is supported by one of the most rigorous assessments anywhere. The Assessor Teams spend an average of 500 hours on each applicant. During the process they will speak with anyone from the Chief Executive to front line staff. As an organisational learning experience, we feel it is unrivalled.

The Assessor Team

Our Assessors come from our Members. They all have real jobs and real experience. They are trained by EFQM to conduct a peer to peer assessment, using their combined professional experiences to provide practical and pragmatic feedback. We deliberately form assessor teams from a range of different sectors and backgrounds to maximise the learning and insights gained. The size of the Assessor Team varies depending on the size, scope and complexity of the applicant.

Applying for the EFQM Global Excellence Award Programme

The Award process follows an annual cycle. In January, the applicants must provide a written submission explaining their organisation. The Assessor Teams meet in Brussels in March or April to review the information provided and meet representatives from the applicant to ensure they have understood the scope and operating environment. Each team will then spend a week on-site with the applicant in June to complete the assessment.

The EFQM Jury, an independent body comprising of senior managers from leading organisations, meets in July to review all the applications and agree the level of recognition to be awarded. The Awards are then presented at the EFQM Forum in October.

Organisational Learning & Development

Organisational learning happens throughout the process: Preparing the EFQM Management Document, which forms the written submission, brings people from across the organisation and the output provides a unique insight into the organisation.

During the site visit, everyone involved in the interviews will be asked questions that make them think about what they do and why they do it from a new perspective. At the closing meeting the Assessors will provide the key learnings and conclusions.

Finally, after the Jury Meeting, the applicants receive the full feedback report, highlighting the strengths and opportunities to improve the Assessors have observed.

Who can apply?

The Award is open to every high performing organisation. Applicants must hold a current 5-star EFQM Recognised for Excellence, issued within the last 2 years by EFQM or one of our Partners, before they can enter the Award process. 


  • EFQM Member prices between : 8,500 Euro and 17,000 Euro (excluding VAT)
  • EFQM Partners' Member prices between 9, 500 Euro and 19,000 Euro (excluding VAT)
  • EFQM Non-Member: 12,000 Euro and 22,000 Euro (excluding VAT)

For more information, please contact us at info@efqm.org.

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