EFQM Knowledge Modules

A new & interactive learning experience

In response to market demands, EFQM has developed a series of short and focused modules delivered by expert trainers direct to your workplace.  Each module covers key excellence related subjects conveyed in plain and simple language, using everyday examples. 

The supporting software platform enables a focused, interactive learning experience for line managers at all levels, with the flexibility to participate wherever your are and fit into a busy work schedule.

EFQM is launching new virtual live, trainer-led knowledge modules. These first 6 modules will provide a basic understanding of the EFQM Excellence Model and how an assessment works.  These are:

  • Module 1 : Everybody talks about Excellence, but what is it in reality - The Fundamental Concepts of Excellence
    What are the underpinning principles of Excellence (which we call the Fundamental Concepts) to help you and your organisation to gain competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.
  • Module 2 : Just another Model? - The EFQM Excellence Model Criteria
    No other Model has the logical structure and inherent challenges that have led over 30,000 organisations worldwide to embrace it as their framework to drive improvement for more than 25 years
  • Module 3 : How to improve in a sustained way? - The RADAR Logic
    How to prioritise and drive improvement on a planned basis with a long-lasting effect, how to harness the power of the assessment method - RADAR - to monitor and review progress
  • Module 4 : Does it make sense to understand before you act? - Understanding Organisations
    The EFQM Model is a powerful framework, but before starting on improvement it’s important to fully understand your organisation and its operational context.  You may think you know all that’s necessary but we can explain how to easily understand any organisation to ensure assessment and improvement is focused and relevant.
  • Module 5 : How can we find out what's really going on? - Conducting a Site Visit
    Is everything is working well at the front line in our organisations, but how do we really know?  We can share and explain the benefit of planed and structured interviews in order to find out what is really going on, but more importantly to identify where the major improvement opportunities lie.
  • Module 6 : Discover the power of feedback - Producing powerful and value-adding feedback after an assessment
    Getting a clear picture of the strengths and improvement opportunities in the organisation is only useful if we can share that picture with leaders to drive further improvements.  We share how you can prepare and structure feedback at an organisational level to motivate and inspire leaders to improve, even where that feedback may contain some tough and challenging messages.

EFQM’s new Virtual Live Classroom modules give you comprehensive training right from your own computer, smartphone or tablet. As with our traditional physical courses format, Virtual Live Classroom (VLC) modules provide hands-on learning, interactivity and participants engagement, all with the flexibility of learning from wherever you choose.

Who are these modules for

The EFQM VLC Modules are designed to get leaders and managers in an organisation actively involved in driving improvement projects.  Following each one of these modules will provide a clear understanding of the topic, allowing them to start applying the skills they have learned in their daily job.

Joining an EFQM Virtual Live Classroom Module allows you to:

  • Engage with a live trainer for the complete duration of the course – it offers a two-way, person-to-person interaction in real time, your opportunity to ask specific questions related to your own needs.
  • Enjoy a varied learning environment – in addition to hands-on learning, the environment includes visual, video and audio interaction, social media, polling, chatting, and more. The effective integration of these components bridges the potential for training to educate, engage and inform.
  • Interact with peers from around the world – VLC offers the possibility to virtually meet with peers from other organisations.
  • Learn from your office, home, of from wherever you are. Eliminate travel time and expenses.
  • Save time - our VLC modules are generally about 2 hours in length, you don’t have to stay too much away from work
  • Get your certificate of attendance. 

When & Where

All You Need is a Device with an Internet Connection.  The training is delivered through the Adobe® Connect™ platform. Upon registration, you’ll receive simple instructions prior to the training to ensure your device is set up for the class, and on class day, you simply join the training right from your work space.  The first sessions are scheduled on 14 and 15 November 2016.  And click here to register to one Knowledge Module.

The proposed modules can also be packaged together to produce a dedicated physical classroom training for 2 days, e.g. 2 modules/day. These module packages can also be delivered as in-house training (physical classroom). 

PRICE - Launch offer till end of 2016

  • EFQM Member : 200.00 Euros - 160.00 Euros (Excluding VAT)
  • Non Member : 250.00 Euros - 200.00 Euros (Excluding VAT)

For more information, feel free to contact us at training@efqm.org

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