EFQM Management Document

Your efficient way of describing your activities and achievements.

The EFQM Management Document provides a simple format for describing how the strategic objectives of an organisation are being implemented. It uses the framework of the EFQM Excellence Model to describe the key approaches adopted, how they are being deployed and the results achieved.

The format was developed from the submission documents prepared when applying for recognition from the EFQM. However, a number of organisations have found additional benefits in describing their activities and achievements in this format. These include:

  • The document is a non-bureaucratic way of capturing the main activities, dynamics, improvement programmes/projects and results of the organisation.
  • The "visibility" the document provides makes it an effective management tool which can help prioritise and provide focus, accelerate improvement and support the identification and transfer of good practices.
  • It can be an effective communication tool that can support the development of common understanding and engagement of stakeholders.
  • Perhaps most importantly the document helps to ensure the organisation executes its strategy more effectively.

It is easy to involve large groups of people in developing the document; engage the Management Team in developing and actively using it and it facilitates the transfer of learning and good practice within large organisations. The document can be used as an integral part of the Management System, either maintained as a "living document" or produced annually, regardless of whether the organisation is applying for external recognition.

Given the increasing importance of robust corporate governance, the EFQM Management Document provides a simple, holistic overview of the key activities undertaken by the organisation, where the key approaches are implemented and who is responsible for ensuring they deliver the expected results.

The format can be adapted to suit the specific needs of the organisation. In this document, we'll explain some of the commonly used formats, plus share some of the learning from some of our members who have used the format.


  • Introduction
  • The structure of the Management Document
    • Section 1 : Key information
    • Section 2 : Enabler Map
    • Section 3 : Results
  • How to write a Management Document
    • Producing the key information section
    • Producing the results section
    • Producing the enabler section
      • Basic terminology
      • Starting from a process model
    • The final edit
  • Appendix 1 : People Enablers Extract
  • Appendix 2 : People Results Extract
  • Developing your EFQM Management Document
    • Business Excellence Matrix
    • EFQM Assessment Matrix
  • Getting involved

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