EFQM Member Ambassadors

The EFQM Member Ambassador Programme


In 2018, we created a network of selected EFQM experts (EFQM Representatives, Assessors, etc.)  who are succesfully driving excellence within their own –EFQM Member- organisation, and who are willing to support EFQM by:

  • Promoting EFQM outside their own EFQM member organisation
  • Encouraging other organisations to become an EFQM member
  • (Re-) presenting EFQM and the EFQM approach within their own organisation, at events and in all kind of (social) media

If you would like to join our network of member organisations but don't know how...there is an EFQM Ambassador ready to share their experience and wisdom with you and to provide the answers to your questions about EFQM.

Already eleven EFQM experts have been identified throughout Europe and joined the EFQM Member Ambassador Programme and we expect to grow this group even more in the close future. If you would like to get in touch with an EFQM Member Ambassador in your region, please send an email to info@efqm.org.


The EFQM Member Ambassador Team


Sabine Kern - VAMED-KMB

I am head of the Competence Center Business Excellence at VAMED-KMB since 2006, covering strategic planning, innovation management, quality management, marketing, event management and compliance.  VAMED-KMB is part of the VAMED group, the world leading company for constructing and operating facilities in the healthcare sector.

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Régis Lesieux - Geodis SA

  • 51 years old, married, 4 children, French citizen
  • Currently “Vice President Business Excellence & Corporate Social Responsibility” at GEODIS

My passion for the EFQM Excellence Model stems from its capacity to reconcile the business imperatives of corporations with an uncompromising respect for human beings. 

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Daniel Wagner - BMW TP

Daniel studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich and finished his PhD at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Afterwards he had different functions within BMW regarding the electric drivetrain:

  • Design and Calculation High Voltage Batteries
  • Pre-Development and Prototypes: Batteries, Electric Machines, Fuel Cell and Combustion Engines
  • Innovation Management and Data Analytics for Production Drivetrain
  • In 2014 he also founded the start-up TRIZBOX to apply and teach the TRIZ inventive principles.

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Andreas Ioannides - Electricity Authority of Cyprus

My academic training is in Electrical Engineering (Power Engineering) as well as in Postgraduate Management. 

I am experienced in the certification processes, system development and implementation, audits and training, process measurements, risk assessment and CSR. At an international level I do maturity assessments in large organisations all over Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Ukraine and I am part of EFQM’s Award Assessors.

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Victor Gimeno Granda - Enagás

I started working in EFQM with the EFQM team leads in Enagás, José Miguel Tudela and Carlos Ruiz. My collaborations started with workshops on excellence, but shortly after they derived in sharing my knowledge in functional strategy, and eventually in digitaltransformation.

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Niklas Blomqvis - Volvo Car Corporation

Niklas has had several roles in his worklife. Developing the Management system at Volvo Cars group, President of the Swedish Association for Quality,  Chairman of the Board for Qvalify which is the leading company for certifying Management systems in Sweden and of course his Ambassador role at EFQM. 

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Ivan Korunoski - European Spallation Source ERIC

Based on my beliefs, education and 20 years of working experience it has become part of my personality and leadership style to strive for adding value for stakeholders. I believe that positive attitude and constructive dialogue together with never ending development of agile organisational capabilities that will lead to sustained result are the solid foundations for achieving Excellence.

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Mattias Skafar - European Spallation Source ERIC

My professional background is from Nuclear industry and I have been in various roles constantly exposed to strictly regulated environment. Working for 20 years I believe that the efforts in creating the organisational culture that promotes continuous learning, creativity and innovation is the essential for any organisation in approaching the Excellence.

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Alberto Martin-Consuegra-Granados - ABB Schweiz AG

ABB Vice President, Head of Quality Industrial Automation Division. I became EFQM assessor back in 2008 when I had the opportunity to assess the application of the model in different companies and industry sectors, helping them to enhance the way the operated and their performance.


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The Netherlands


Peter Browning - Philips Lighting

Peter Browning has worked in Philips Lighting since 1999 and is currently Business Excellence Leader at the global headquarters in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. He joined Philips Electronics in 1974 and has worked in many sectors in a wide range of roles. The “red thread” throughout his working life, in whatever role, has been driving business performance improvement towards excellence. 

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