What an organisation does and how it does it

There are five Enablers, pictured on the left-hand side of the Model.  These are the things an organisation needs to do to develop and implement its strategy.


Excellent organisations have leaders who shape the future and make it happen, acting as role models for its values and ethics and inspiring trust at all times.  They are flexible, enabling the organisation to anticipate and reach in a timely manner to ensure the on-going success of the organisation.


Excellent organisations implement their Mission and Vision by developing a stakeholder focused strategy.  Policies, plans, objectives and processes are developed and deployed to deliver the strategy.


Excellent organisations value their people and create a culture that allows the mutually beneficial achievement of organisational and personal goals.  They develop the capabilities of their people and promote fairness and equality.  They care for, communicate, reward and recognise, in a way that motivates people, builds commitment and enables them to use their skills and knowledge for the benefit of the organisation.

Partnerships & Resources

Excellent organisations plan and manage external partnerships, suppliers and internal resources in order to support their strategy, policies and the effective operation of processes.  They ensure that they effectively manage their environmental and societal impact.

Processes, Products & Services

Excellent organisations design, manage and improve processes, products and services to generate increasing value for customers and other stakeholders.

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