Global Assessment

What is Global Assessment?

Global organisations face global challenges. The increased focus on corporate governance and effectively managing global supply chains have increased the need for increased transparency and clarity throughout global organisations.

But how do you achieve this transparency? How do you know people working on the other side of the world understand your strategy? How do you understand customer requirements in emerging markets? How do you communicate effectively when people speak multiple different languages? How do the pieces of your organisation fit together?

Our Global Assessment approach has been developed to help organisations find the answers to these questions. The concept is simple. If we think about process improvement principles, most frequently the big problems don't occur "in the box", they happen in the arrows that connect the boxes. In Global Assessment, the boxes are the sites, divisions or departments. The activities "in the box" can be effectively assessed using the other EFQM Assessment options. In a Global Assessment, the Assessors focus on the strategic challenges and the key interfaces between different parts of the organisation that need to work effectively and efficiently to make this happen.

The assessment is split over 2 weeks. The first week is spent understanding the strategy and the centralised functions. The second week focuses on understanding the key interfaces before the Assessor Team return to the Head Office to consolidate their findings.

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