May 2015

Excellence in Action - Achieving Sustainable Excellence

Dear readers,

Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) represent the majority of companies. Yet, they often strive to develop effective management systems that would allow them to sustain a high level of performance, grow or sometimes even remain in business. The EFQM Excellence Model is often perceived by these organisations as too complex, too difficult to implement. I invite you to read the testimony of Dr Becker, the leader of a family business, who will show that it does not have to be the case.

Lean and 6 sigma are very effective tools that have been widely deployed in the industry to eliminate waste and improve processes. They are used in specific areas over a limited period of time and deliver short term results. They work hand in hand with excellence which is holistic, deployed as a continuum and delivers results in the longer run. The article presented here will help you understand how the two combine effectively.

But learning from articles is not enough. We have Good Practice Visits in the pipeline where you will learn hands on and have a chance to talked with those behind good practices. Do not hesitate to ask us if you want to know more before registering.

Enjoy the reading.

Marc Amblard

Chief Executive Officer, EFQM

In this issue of Excellence in Action, you will read about...

How EFQM and Lean Six Sigma can work together

We often receive questions about the implementation of Lean Six Sigma and the EFQM Model within the same organisation. How can you do it? What does it take? Is it even possible? There is no perfect answer but John Morgan, Director of Catalyst Consulting, shares his experience…

Good Practice Visit in 2015

Every year we provide you with a series of quality events to inspire you, allow you to network with other great organisations, benchmark, brainstorm and more! 2015 is no different although in this case, we may have a few special events to offer you!

Excellence in a family business

The Cabinet d’orthodontie BECKER & Associés is a private dental practice based in Luxembourg and specialised solely in orthodontics to the benefit of adults and children. In this article you will discover that Bringing ongoing Excellence to stakeholders is no longer a choice, it is a necessity…

The Launch of the registrations for the 2015 EFQM Forum and more!


The EFQM Forum goes mobile

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