May 2016

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In this issue of Excellence in Action, we are glad to share the latest d e v e l o pme n t s i n t h e E F Q M Community but also the contributions from our experts.

As you must have heard, this September we will hold the EFQM annual Forum on the theme “Driving Excellence beyond the Limits”. The Forum title reflects that we want to look at current challenges and bring the dialogue to an entirely new level, going beyond what is considered normal practices and reaching new heights. During two days we will reflect on the drivers for Excellence, one of them being “Leadership beyond the limits” with the help of inspirational keynote speakers. They will challenge all Forum attendees and send out a strong message on how to be better in all aspects.

Equally inspiring will be the contribution of Mika Hakkinen, Formula One World Champion, about “driving beyond the limits”.

In terms of challenging perceptions, our expert Anastasia Michaelidou Kamenou from CYTA shares an example of business model innovation from the telecommunication industry and how this innovation is reflected to the EFQM Model. Later in the magazine, Xavier Rubiralta looks at cybersecurity through the prism of EFQM and highlights the do’s and don’ts organisations should know.

Benchmarking is an important approach today which VAMED-KMB, an EFQM member, tackled by setting up a platform for University hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Read this article to find out more about this initiative and maybe join it or start one of your own? 

At EFQM we think it is important to celebrate successes, you will find an article about the recognition of 17 French organisations by the President of the French Senate. 

On the same note, we are proud to have recently launched our new Training Scheme which will support the development of current and new assessors and will ensure that organisations going through any Recognition program receives a high added value feedback. You can find out more about this program in the magazine starting at page 21. 

We are also thrilled to announce the signature of a memorandum of understanding with the Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP), strengthening our partnership base in the Middle East Region. 

Recently, the Chinese Association for Quality and EFQM have signed a strategic partnership to promote excellence in China, and support chinese organisations in their Journey to Excellence. 

The entire EFQM Team remains always available to support you and answer your questions should you have any. 

Enjoy reading this edition of Excellence in Action.

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An  example of business model innovation from the telecom industry. How is this innovation reflected to the EFQM Model?

Until recently the customer of a Telecom company was only the end user of telecom products. This user is either the individual or a company. For many years Telecoms were competing on customer experience and customer satisfaction. The concept of ‘putting the customer first’ was a key driver of success. Despite all these efforts, Telecom companies score lower today in customer satisfaction indicators (like NPS) than the Internet and Content players, such as Google, Amazon, Netflix and this is an indication of a need for change since customer satisfaction is a leading indicator for financial performance....

VAMED Benchmarking Platform

The VAMED benchmarking platform consists of facility management experts from well-known university hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It was established in 2007 at the initiative of VAMED- KMB d u r i n g i t s implementation the EFQM-Model. Members of the benchmarking platform offer a wide range of facility and technical operations management services at large, complex and modern healthcare facilities that engage in patient care, research and teaching at top medical level...

The President of the French Senate rewards most performing French enterprises

Thursday, March 31, Mr. Gérard Larcher, President of Senate, recognised 17 French companies for the performance of their management approach based on the EFQM Excellence Model. This important recognition occurred at the closing of the first edition of the “Enterprise Day of the Senate”...

Cybersecurity through the prism of EFQM

Xavier Rubiralta Costa, an expert from the Excellence network and Project Manager in the security of information at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, shares his knowledge of Cybersecurity seems through the prism of EFQM. Read on to find out the Dos and Don’ts that we often forget about...

And many more news from the EFQM Network inluding : 

  • The EFQM Forum 2016;
  • The new EFQM Qualified Assessor Training;
  • The strategic agreement signed with the Chinese Association for Quality (CAQ)
  • News from EFQM Italia;
  • EFQM takes part in the biggest edition of DIGAE and meets HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai;
  • The strategic agreement signed with Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP)
  • The confessions of an Assessor Team Leader;
  • The EFQM Excellence Award process;




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