October 2015

Excellence in Action - Award Special

Dear readers,

After our annual Forum, you are probably wondering what came out of the deliberations of the 2015 EFQM Excellence Awards Jury. I suggest you go to page 6 to find out. I invite you also to regularly check the EFQM website for updates on the presentations delivered during the Forum and pictures of the Gala Dinner.

 In the meantime, you will find out how we have assessed and refined the Award’s process to create more value for the applicants. The success of the initiative i confirmed by this year’s 16 applicants who have expressed an increased high level of satisfaction with an NPS of 50%. Providing high added value to improve the performance of Award Applicants and impact all our member is the key driver of EFQM. But let’s not forget that in the Award’s process, it is the assessors (102 in 2015) who provide this value to Awards applicants. They expressed again this year a very high satisfaction level with an NPS of close to 70%. Indeed, Award assessments provide them with a unique learning opportunity. So why not join us in 2016?

 In September, we have welcome a new colleague in our EFQM Team. Alessandra Lomonaco joined us to deploy a new initiative in the life of our Foundation: the opening of a Representative Office in Milan, with the objective to give a new boost to excellence in Italy. This significant event gives us a strong start, as over 100 participants came to listen to enlightening speakers and to network.

 This November, why not learn from peers from the Excellence Community? Philips Group Innovation, a leading innovator for over 120 years, will open their doors and share their experience deploying excellence. Also, read here how Telecom Italia used the EFQM Excellence Model to completely transform their “People Value” function. Food for thoughts.

I hope you had a great time during our annual EFQM Forum and that’s we’ll meet at our Forum in Milan in 2016!

Kind regards,

Léon Tossaint
Chief Executive Officer, EFQM


EFQM refines its Excellence Award

The EFQM Excellence Awards recognise role model organisations, whether private, public or non-for-profit, in the industry or service sectors, small or large. These are excellent organisations that have proven their capacity to turn strategy into action, year after year, and to continuously improve their performance. [...] After 23 years, the EFQM Board of directors decided the Excellence Awards needed to be reviewed again and upgraded...

The EFQM Excellence Awards 2015

EFQM is proud to announce the Award winners, Prize winners and Finalists from this year’s edition of the EFQM Excellence Award. Congratulations to all for their hard work and their achievement!

EFQM Italia's first national event is a sucess

September 25th, Milan – In June, EFQM (the European Foundation for Quality Management) opened its representative office in Milan. By anchoring its presence in Italy, EFQM aims to more effectively support Italian organisations on their journey towards sustainable excellence. It will promote the principles of excellence, facilitate trainings and assessments on behalf of EFQM and foster the exchange of good practices within the Italian excellence community...

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