One-Day Workshop

Ensure that your first step is in the right direction

Even the longest journey starts with a single step. The EFQM One-Day Workshop is designed to help ensure that your first step is a step in the right direction.

Many people think that implementing the EFQM Excellence Model is a long, complex and expensive process.  However, that isn't necessarily true.  Implementing the Model can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make it.

We have designed this One Day Workshop to help a Management Team with no previous experience using the EFQM Excellence Model to take that first step.  In one day.  Why make it complicated?

Standard Workshop

Workshop objectives

During the workshop, through a series of practical exercises, you will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of the EFQM Excellence Model, the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence, the 9-box Model and the RADAR logic.
  • Understand how these apply to your organisation.
  • Complete a simple self-assessment of your organisation to establish a baseline.
  • Agree on an improvement plan, focused on helping to achieve your strategic goals.

The workshop can be used as a starting point for the EFQM Committed to Excellence recognition.

EFQM Quick Check

The Quick Check is a simple self-assessment tool derived from the EFQM Excellence Model 2013.  It has been designed to give a quick overview of your organisation's current capabilities against the EFQM Fundamental Concepts of Excellence.

It assesses the approaches you have in place and determines where the key opportunities for improvement are, based on the maturity of these approaches and their impact on your ability to deliver your strategy.

It is designed as a "first step" on your journey to excellence and the assessment can be completed, with an agreed action plan aligned on your strategy, in about 2 hours.

During the One-Day Workshop, you will complete this assessment for your organisation.


Member Workshop

This one-day workshop is fully personalised and adjusted to the currect needs and expectations of the Member. It can be dedicated to any topic related to the EFQM Model implementation. The Member Workshop, is part of the benefits package for our biggest Members ('A' and 'B' category), the standard Member price for the workshop is €2.500, excluding travel & accommodation for the Trainer. For 'A' & 'B' category Members, there is no fee for the workshop but travel & accommodation costs must be covered.


How-to Workshop

This workshop was developed to support you in the major steps of setting up a continuous improvement approach within your organisation. The How-to Workshop can focus on the following content:

How-to manage an EFQM Self-Assessment 

In an Excellence Journey, conducting a self-assessment is usually the first stage of establishing an organisation’s starting position. This one-day workshop will practically prepare you to conduct a self-assessment within your department or organisation.

How-to Produce an EFQM Management Document

The EFQM Management Document provides a simple format for describing how the strategic objectives of an organisation are being implemented. This one-day workshop will provide you with guidance and tips on how to build an EFQM Management Document for your organisation.

How-to fix your areas for improvement

We all come across problems within our working environment. The temptation is to immediately move into "solution mode" before we really understand what's causing the problem we're observing. This one-day workshop will provide you with frameworks (DMAIC and RADAR) for understanding the root causes of a problem and then developing appropriate solutions to eliminate them.



The price of One Day Workshop will depend on the number of participants:

  • EFQM Member prices start from : 2,500 Euro (excluding VAT)
  • Non-Member prices start from : 4,000 Euro (excluding VAT)

One-Day Workshop with Committed to Excellence

The One-Day Workshops can either be purchased as a "stand alone" session or in combination with the EFQM Committed to Excellence validation visit.

  • EFQM Member prices start from : 5,000 Euro (excluding VAT)
  • Non-Member prices start from : 6,400 Euro (excluding VAT)

For more information or to organise a One-Day Workshop within your organisation, feel free to contact us at

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