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The EFQM Ambassador Programme

In 2017, EFQM launched its Ambassador Programme, a project born from our ambition to provide our members with always more high added value and answers to their needs but also to expand the EFQM Footprint across Europe. With the EFQM Ambassadors, we aim to offer more direct support to organisations interested in the EFQM Excellence Model or actively using it already and of course our EFQM Member organisations. Whether you are new to the Excellence Journey or already on your way for many years; whether you would like to join our network of member organisations but don't know how...there is an EFQM Ambassador ready to share their experience and wisdom with you and to provide the answers to your questions about EFQM.

More than twenty EFQM experts have been identified throughout Europe and joined the EFQM Ambassador Programme and we expect to grow this group even more in the close future. If you would like to get in touch with an EFQM Ambassador in your region, please visit the "Read more" links or send an email to info@efqm.org.

The EFQM Ambassador Team



Ronny Schepmans

EFQM Ambassador Programme - Czech Republic

Ronny became an internal and external EFQM assessor since 2000 and have performed since than many assessments in various organizations and countries. Over the course of his career, he has gained hands-on experience in several domains along the value chain and in many business sectors. He has found that customer experience is the best gauge for success and technology is the key to achieve it. There is always a win-win approach to be found, and he enjoys working with people as they try to perfect it.



Czech Republic

Vladimir Braun

EFQM Ambassador Programme - Czech Republic

Vladimir operates in the field of management consulting since 2000, initially at KPMG and then in his own consulting company. In his consulting projects he utilises his experience in management as well as with internationally recognised methodologies. Vladimir was exposed to the EFQM Excellence Model for the first time during a project at KPMG Consulting in 2000 and uses it ever since. Vladimir has conducted many consulting projects using EFQM Excellence Model based methodologies, including projects of the World Bank in Serbia (2006-2010) and Macedonia in 2015. He has supported organisations from different sectors including Manufacturing, Public Administration and Education. 




Kasper MühlbachEFQM Ambassador Programme - Denmark

Kasper is rather experienced with certification processes, system development and implementation, audits and training. At an international level he has trained key employees in South Korea, China and Vietnam, US, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Canada and Spain. Besides audits, Kasper does maturity assessments and benchmarks on an international level and is a part of EFQM’s Award Assessors. He also develops courses in management and communication with a systematic approach – this done with humour, outlining perspectives and making the attendants reflect.



Patrick IribarneEFQM Ambassador Programme - France

Patrick is Chief Executive Officer of Strateis since 1986, a consultancy firm specialised in Excellence implementation. As a European Assessor for many years, Patrick has performed a number of international assessments for various organisations. Coach and trainer of the French EFQM assessors on behalf of AFNOR, he is also a preeminent speaker and writer of 8 books about Excellence, Assessment and Self Assessment. As a consultant, Patrick has developed serious games and visual tools to perform self-assessments and deploy the EFQM methodology - building awareness and participation around Excellence. His experience and practice include the facilitation of benchmarking through EFQM benchmark clubs - for instance the Excellence Club in Paris since 12 years - and for companies working in networks and clusters - sharing best practices within the organisation.


Stéphane VerdouxEFQM Ambassador Programme - France

Stéphane VERDOUX is the co-founder & associate Director at STRATEIS. He is an active speaker and consultant on diverse topics related to Policy Deployment, Balanced Scorecards, Process Improvement & Corporate Social Responsibility. Senior Lecturer for the University of Bordeaux & Toulouse in France, he has run executive conferences and training seminars for several companies and organisations. His work on Quality Management & Excellence has brought him into over three hundred companies in Europe. In 2003, Stéphane started his collaboration with EFQM first as an EFQM Award Assessor and later as an EFQM Trainer. Since 2014, Stéphane and his associates have supported 5 winning companies at the EFQM Excellence Award.



Dr. Thomas BäuerleEFQM Ambassador Programme - Germany

Being co-founder of SSB Consult in 2001 and one of the managing partners since that time, Thomas has extensive experience in the field of Business Excellence, as he was and is responsible for more than 80 "full size" projects to introduce tailored Business Excellence approaches in organizations of different sizes and complexity. He has performed more than 200 assessments as senior assessor. His experiences range across a large variety of industries and the projects give him the opportunity to learn extensively about leadership culture and management in Europe, Asia, Africa as well as in the Americas.


Dr. Jan Hendrik Peters

EFQM Ambassador Programme - Germany

Jan Hendrik is the Owner and Senior Management Consultant of "bmbg consult" in Germany. He looks back on a longstanding experience in public service and industry companies leading projects, programmes, groups and divisions in international context, in scientific research as well as product development. He is used to reshaping and simplifying processes and organisational structures but also to the implementation of new working methods or training and development of employees.He is involved in the preparation of EFQM assessments and participation in the EFQM Excellence Award process since 2011. 



Anthony SpanosEFQM Ambassador Programme - Greece

Anthony Spanos has been an EFQM Assessor since 1992 and then a Senior Assessor. He has worked in establishing the Excellence infrastructure in Lebanon for the EU and is the ex quality advisor for the Hellenic Chamber of Industrialists. Anthony has led more that 200 companies worldwide in Excellence Awards and is currently the Scientific advisor for HMA who is the EFQM National Partner in Greece.




Corrado SquarzonEFQM Ambassador Programme - Greece

Corrado Squarzon was appointed as EFQM Ambassador for Italy in July 2017. Corrado has also been an active member of international teams in charge of assessing organisation in manufacturing, education, telcom, energy, multi-utilities, service delivery and other sectors both in Europe and Middle East countries (Israel, Turkey, Dubai, Iran). He is EFQM Champion for Italy, EFQM Licensed Trainer, Advisor and Master Assessor. 





Tadeusz Buchacz

Tadeusz is a management consultant and a project manager with over 40 years’ experience in the business and public sector organizations in Poland and over 35 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. He works as an independent consultant registered under the name JOTAM. Since 2016 he has served as an EFQM expert of the Foundation for the Development of Wroclaw University of Economics which is the EFQM Representative in Poland. 



José MoraisEFQM Ambassador Programme - Portugal

José Morais has made his academic training in Engineering areas (Mechanical Engineering, Welding Engineering and Quality Engineering) as well as in Management Control. He started working at the Welding and Quality Institute acting in quality control activities, namely in non-destructive tests and then at the Navy Shipyard, namely in submarines maintenance. Later he has worked for Timex as responsible for time study and industrial engineering and since 1990 he has been Managing Director of some consultancy companies acting in manufacturing areas  and at public administration levels. He attended his first EFQM training in 1998 and since then used and promoted the EFQM Excellence Model. He has experience as an EFQM Assessor both at national and international levels.His experience in the public sector lead him to become Secretary of State for Education Development and School Administration on the XX Portuguese Constitutional Government.



Nenad SavičEFQM Ambassador Programme - Slovenia

Nenad runs the Institute of Innovative Business Models and has almost 20 years of experience helping organisations improve their performance and excellence. He holds both EFQM QAT and EAT licenses for assessor training courses. He has been an EFQM Assessor since 2004 and has done assessments in Europe and the Middle East, as well as in Slovenia. In the last few years, a majority of national excellence prize winners were supported by his expertise and many more have made great improvements. This year (2017) he was appointed by the Slovenian Minister of the Economy as a content coordinator in the group of experts preparing the national excellence strategy. His academic point of interest is the successful business model transformation in combination with excellence improvement and sustainable strategy development. 




Rafael Abajo

Rafael has been an EFQM Assessor since 1998 and has led assessor teams since 2005. He developed the Spanish Recognition System in 2000 when working for the Spanish EFQM National Partner and is still an advisor for Club Excelencia en Gestión. He looks back on a longstanding experience in public service as a professional army officer and in service companies (tourism, financial, travel & association sectors) leading projects, teams and areas in international context. He has also led EFQM teams all over Europe, Turkey, Ecuador, Israel and Abu Dhabi.Since 2001, he is the Owner and Senior Consultant of "Optima XXI" which operates internationally helping organisations and associations in improving its management and operating system using the EFQM Excellence Model as a reference. He works mainly with Educational and Health organisations.



Julio Gonzalez Bedia

Julio, PhD and Industrial Engineer, is a business and management consultant with extensive experience in the Healthcare field. Co-founder and Managing Partner of C&B Business Management Consulting, he has more than 20 years of professional background with more than 400 institutions and organizations, mainly in the healthcare sector, all over Europe, North America, Turkey, Central America and the Middle East. He has collaborated with public and private companies, authorities and government entities. He is an EFQM Assessor since 2004 and became Team Leader in 2006, leading several teams both for the Award process. As an EFQM Licensed Advisor, he has supported many organizations in tailoring the EFQM Model and achieving different levels of recognition. He is also an International Surveyor for the Canadian Healthcare Council.



Jose Antonio Calvo Maguregi

Jose Antonio, economist and Master in International Trade and Finance Management is an EFQM assessor since 2000, and Assessment Team leader since 2005. He has a sound experience in consultancy and training, in collaboration not only with EFQM but also with Regional Partners of EFQM in Spain such as Euskalit (Basque Country) and others. He is General manager and Senior Consultant of “Acorde Consulting” a leading consultancy company based in the Basque Country, specialized in excellence, strategy, change management, processes, … . With 20 years of experience in consultancy, he has worked with all kind of companies: public and private, SMEs or international companies; service or industry, … . He is also a very reputed trainer and speaker. 



Gerhard Leu

EFQM Ambassador Programme - Switzerland

Gery has a MSc. in Medical Engineering, a diploma in Applied Statistics and an Executive MBA. He worked for many years in the health care and information & telecommunication technology sectors and lived some years in South America and South East Asia as an expat in the development cooperation. In 2005 he founded G-LEU and is now working as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) in his own company. EFQM is one of his business fields and for him the Excelerator: an accelerator to excellence. Gery is using the EFQM Excellence Model since 1999 as an Assessor, consultant and lecturer. Beyond EFQM he adapted the Model to use it in the development cooperation and to assess strategic options and projects. He loves travelling and different cultures, and a ride with his Harley-Davidson.




Rene Feldmann

René is a business and management consultant with extensive experience in performance management, process or system improvement and total quality management. René has supported organisations from different 

sectors including Manufacturing, Finance, Public Administration, Health, and Education.

He is a EFQM Assessor and has worked with the EFQM Excellence Model since 2000.






Felix HORNER is using and promoting the EFQM Excellence Model since 1996 as an Organisational Developer, an Assessor, a Lecturer, a Trainer, and a Consultant. Felix looks back on a longstanding experience in public service and industry companies leading organisational units and organisational development programmes in international and national context, in scientific research as well as in corporate management functions. Felix HORNER has extensive experience as an EFQM Assessor both at national and European levels. He is an EFQM-accredited Assessor Trainer. Since 2012, Felix HORNER is the Owner and Senior Management Consultant at ExcellenceWorks in Switzerland, which operates internationally helping leaders and organisations on their excellence journey. 







Celal SeçkinEFQM Ambassador Programme - Turkey

Celal is a graduate of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of the Middle East Technical University, Ankara. He worked as an engineer and manager in production, technology transfer and quality management in national and multinational telecommunication companies such as Turkish Telekom, Alcatel and Siemens.He has undergone a variety of business excellence, management, leadership and quality assurance training programmes and has attended several specialist training events in the field of Quality and Organisational Excellence. Since 1993, he supported numerous organisations on the way towards excellence.


United Kingdom

Graham HullEFQM Ambassador Programme - UK

Graham is a business and management consultant with extensive experience in performance management and process or system improvement. He is an EFQM Licenced advisor, master assessor and an ISO lead auditor with specific areas of expertise in leading teams to audit or assess organisations both large and small and help them to improve the way they work. He has led assessor teams across Europe since 2001 in national and international award programmes and has assessed five award winning, world class role model organisations in that time along with many others just missing the top level of recognition. In addition to leading EFQM Recognition teams at the highest level he has supported numerous organisations to achieve a variety of ISO standards at the first attempt. 



Tom McCormick

EFQM Ambassador Programme - UK

Tom is a highly experienced consultant with a varied career in the public sector, and private sector consultancy. With over 25 years experience in business improvement and total quality management, he has worked with the EFQM Excellence Model for over 10 years leading and participating in organisational self assessment and external assessments. Tom has been Senior Assessor for Category and main UK Excellence Award winners in four of the last six years.Tom has a successful track record in strategic thinking, managing change, managing and developing people, and quality and business improvement. He has practical experience of working with a range of recognised standards and quality methods including Investors in People, ISO 9001 and 14001, Balanced Scorecard and the EFQM Excellence Model.



Andrew PennEFQM Ambassador Programme - UK

Andrew started his career in the UK Civil Service. After working as a VAT specialist leading teams in auditing taxation systems up to large corporation level, Andrew ‘saw the light’ and moved into Quality Management. In two Government departments he led regional and national EFQM assessments, managed the central process improvement team, and was a team leader for delivering a Modernising Government project. Since leaving the Civil Service Andrew has worked with Ley hill Solutions ltd and the British Quality Foundation facilitating business improvement projects. This career path has included advising an overseas government department on EFQM and speaking about Business Excellence and the customer experience at a conference in the Middle East.





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