Licensed Trainers

An EFQM Licensed Trainer Organisation is an independent not-for-profit/non-commercial national or regional organisation that shares the value of EFQM and has just establish a first partnership agreement with EFQM or a commercial organisation which share the value of EFQM and promotes EFQM training products internationally.

Licensed trainer organisation is the initial status of partnership with EFQM for commercial organisations and a transition status for not-for profit/non-commercial organisation.

EFQM Licensed Trainers are experts belonging to Licensed Trainer Organisations who have been certified by EFQM to deliver EFQM Training Courses; they have a thorough understanding on the EFQM Excellence Model and have a track-record in the field of training.

The Licensed Trainers are licensed to deliver trainings internationally. The country they are listed under below is indicative of where their head office lies. For information on which partner can deliver what please visit the Partnership Directory (find it in the box at the bottom of the page).

The current Licensed Trainer Organisations are:





Saudi Arabia


  • Slovensko združenje za kakovost in odličnost -
  • Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology -
  • Unikatum inštitut za inovativne poslovne modele -



United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States of America

If you are interested in becoming a Licensed Trainer organisation, please fill out the Licensed Trainer application form and send it to We will contact you shortly.

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