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An EFQM Partner is an independent not-for-profit/non-commercial national organisation that shares the value, mission and vision of EFQM and proactively promotes the EFQM Excellence Model and EFQM products and services in the local market (national territory).

Partner is the intermediate status a not-for profit/non-commercial organisation can achieve when partnering with EFQM.

An EFQM Partner maintains an adequate infrastructure and capability for delivering the EFQM training courses and for running the national recognition scheme and the national award based on EFQM, whenever it is possible.

EFQM Partners Trainers are experts belonging to Partners who have been certified by EFQM to deliver EFQM Training Courses; they have a thorough understanding on the EFQM Excellence Model and have a track-record in the field of training.

The current Partners are:

Austria : Quality Austria

Quality Austria is the leading Austrian contact for trade and industry and society in terms of issues relating to integrated management systems, which are based on quality, environmental, safety and OH&S (occupational health and safety) management, as well as to the topic of excellence (Austrian Excellence Award). Click here to access their website.

Finland : The Finnish Quality Association

The Finnish Quality Association promotes sustainable excellence and competitiveness in Finland. It was established in 1966 as an ideological non-profit-making association. Our national objective is a successful Finland, basing its success largely on nurturing a growing pool of organisations that pursue long-term development of both their management and their operations. Excellence Finland supports the association’s operations by specialising in training and consultancy services. Click here to access their website.

France : AFNOR

AFNOR is an international services delivery network that revolves around 4 core competency areas: standardization, certification, industry press, and training. The AFNOR has the unique stance of carrying out its standardization mission as a public-benefit organization while conducting some of its business in the competitive arena. The AFNOR Group, the official distributor of EFQM in France, proposes all the tools to carry out the Excellence management project to your business. Click here to access their website.

Germany : DGQ e.V.

The DGQ is a competent partner for companies, executives and employees when it comes to improving the quality of processes, products and services. Quality management is our core competence - and has been for 60 years. Click here to access their website.

Germany : Initiative Ludwig Erhard Preis (ILEP)

The initiative Ludwig Erhard Preis Excellence provides training and reviews in order to orient organizations on their journey to excellence. With the Ludwig Erhard Preis point to German organizations that implement the Excellence thoughts in an outstanding way. Click here to access their website.

Switzerland : ESPRIX Excellence Suisse

ESPRIX was founded to promote competitiveness of organisations in Switzerland based on Excellence concepts. Since 1998 ESPRIX recognizes excellent performance with annual ESPRIX Swiss Award for Excellence and motivates organisations to compete with the best in Switzerland. As a Swiss foundation ESPRIX inspires organisations to achieve sustainable excellence by engaging leaders to learn, share and innovate using the EFQM Excellence Model. ESPRIX has become an EFQM national partner in 2011 and provides all EFQM trainings (ESPRIX Academy), validations and assessments (EFQM Levels of Excellence). Click here to access their website.

Switzerland : SAQ - Swiss Association for Quality

The SAQ - Swiss Association for Quality was founded in 1965 and has recognized more than 200 organisations for sustainable Excellence within 20 years of successful EFQM partnership. SwissBEx, a center of competence for the EFQM portfolio as part of the SAQ, represents a team of professional EFQM trainers and assessors with long term national and international experience. They provide advanced knowledge and support the EFQM spirit not only in the SAQ network of more than 1’700 members. Sharing the Excellence approach through networking groups in various business sectors and delivering EFQM products and services all over the country, SAQ motivates organisations for using the Excellence approach as well as participating in the EFQM recognition scheme, the EFQM Levels of Excellence. Click here to access their website.

Scotland (UK) : Quality Scotland (QS)

A charitable, member-based organisation that works across Scotland - in the private, public and voluntary sectors - Quality Scotland provides the expertise and resources you need to deliver continuous performance improvement.  Click here to access their website.

Turkey : Turkish Society for Quality (KALDER)

Kalder is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to transform the culture of excellence in the way of life in Turkey, and to contribute to raising the level of competitiveness and prosperity. Click here to access their website.

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