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An EFQM Primary Partner is an independent not-for-profit/non-commercial national organisation that shares the value, mission and vision of EFQM and proactively promotes the EFQM Excellence Model and EFQM products and services in the local market (national territory).

Primary Partner is the top status a not-for profit/non-commercial organisation can achieve when partnering with EFQM.

An EFQM Primary Partner is the first to have access to EFQM new products and services and it is recognised to have a leading role in product development for new EFQM products and services.

A primary Partner maintains an adequate infrastructure and capability for delivering the full EFQM training portfolio and for running the national recognition scheme and the national award based on EFQM, whenever it is possible.

EFQM Primary Partners Trainers are experts belonging to Primary Partners who have been certified by EFQM to deliver EFQM Training Courses; they have a thorough understanding on the EFQM Excellence Model and have a track-record in the field of training.

The current Primary Partners are:

BQF - United Kingdom

BQF (the British Quality Foundation) is an independent, not-for-profit, corporate membership organisation. Founded in 1993 by Government and leading UK businesses, the BQF is Europe's largest corporate membership organisation dedicated to performance improvement.  The BQF helps organisations improve performance, learn from best practice and achieve sustainable excellence. Click here to access their website.

Club Excelencia en Gestion - Spain

Club Excelencia en Gestion is a private non for profit organisation founded in 1991 by the directors of the leading Spanish organisations. It is a membership organisation, with 250 member organisations from all kind of sectors and sizes and regions. They represent the 30% of the Spanish GDP. Click here to access their website.

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