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An EFQM Representative is an independent not-for-profit/non-commercial national or regional organisation that shares the value of EFQM and promotes the EFQM Excellence Model and EFQM products and services in the local market (national or regional territory).

Representative is the initial status of partnership not-for profit/non-commercial organisation with EFQM, after a successful transition from the licensed trainer organisation position.

An EFQM Representative maintains an adequate infrastructure and capability for delivering EFQM training courses, upon accreditation, and for running the national or regional recognition scheme and the national or regional award based on EFQM, whenever it is possible.

EFQM Representative Trainers are experts belonging to Representatives who have been certified by EFQM to deliver EFQM Training Courses; they have a thorough understanding on the EFQM Excellence Model and have a track-record in the field of training.

The current Representatives are:

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