Perception Surveys

Your access to practical insights into developing stakeholder perception surveys

The field of Market Research is constantly evolving, with new theories and analytical techniques being developed, in addition to existing ones being refined based on new learning. The objective of this User Guide is to pool some of this learning and offer some practical insights into developing stakeholder perception surveys and ensuring the data collected can be effectively used within your organisation to review approaches and drive improvements. It's written from the perspective of someone who uses perception data.

The EFQM Excellence Model defines three result areas where stakeholder perceptions are relevant:

  • Criterion 6a: Customer Perceptions
  • Criterion 7a: People Perceptions
  • Criterion 8a: Society Perceptions

The majority of the approaches described in this guide are relevant to each of these different stakeholder groups. Some are more commonly associated with one stakeholder group than the others, but the principles can be successfully applied in any area. We have also included a section focusing on specific issues relevant to each of these groups.

The links between the Enabler Criteria and the Perceptions will depend on the nature of your organisation and the approaches you have adopted. However, it's possible that one or more of the perception result areas could be used to review approaches in any of the 5 criterion or indeed any of the 8 Fundamental Concepts.


  • Introduction
  • Phase 1 : Survey design
  • Phase 2 : Conducting the survey
  • Phase 3 : Analysing the data
  • Phase 4 : Implementing improvements
  • Phase 5 : Communicating the improvements
  • Customer perception : satisfaction or loyalty?
  • People perception : satisfaction or engagement?
  • Society perception : why bother?

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