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The EFQM Global Excellence Index

The EFQM Global Excellence Index is a unique multipurpose platform developed by EFQM, whose main attribute will be to recognise the world’s best performing organisations on their journey to sustainable Excellence, but that’s not all. Indeed, the Index will allow organisations to gain exposure and showcase their best and role model practices, to benchmark with one another as well as be promoted beyond the EFQM recognition scheme. The Index will also enable organisations to demonstrate to their stakeholders their key achievements and what they are especially proud of.  Ultimately, visiting the Index will allow individuals and organisations to gain a deeper understanding of what makes a leader for Excellence and how to get there.

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Discover who achieved a level of recognition

This Recognition Database provides the name and information on organisations which have achieved EFQM Recognised for Excellence (3, 4 or 5 star) or EFQM Committed to Excellence or has been recognised at the EFQM Excellence Award level.

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