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Self-Assessment enables organisations to determine where they are on their journey towards excellence and plan out the next steps.  The simplest tools, such as the Questionnaires, can be completed in an hour.

EFQM has developed a number of tools to help organisations complete this process, from simple questionnaire to simulating an EFQM Award Assessment.  The key is choosing the right tool for you, based on how much time, knowledge and resources you have available or how detailed you want the output to be.  These tools are:

Simple Self-Assessment

The simple Self-Assessment is based on determining your current position against the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence. For each concept, there is a definition describing what we would expect to see in organisations of different levels of maturity. By rating your current level of maturity, you can get a very quick overview of your strengths and potential to improve.


There are a number of different questionnaires available, including one that is fully explained in the "EFQM Determining Excellence" publication. Questionnaires ask people to rate their organisation against a number of questions, derived for the EFQM Excellence Model.

EFQM Quick Check

The EFQM Quick Check is an Excel-based tool covering 20 standard approaches, aligned to the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence. The tool is designed to look at the extent to which the basic "building blocks" are in place, such as a Strategic Plan, Customer Surveys and Process Management.

EFQM Business Excellence Matrix

The Business Excellence Matrix (BEM) is the first of the self-assessment tools to provide a reasonably accurate score against the EFQM Excellence Model. It is an Excel- based tool that captures both information about the Enablers and the Results achieved by the organisation.

EFQM Excellence Matrix

The EFQM Excellence Matrix is similar to the BEM but is more comprehensive. The Enablers review up to 90 approaches and the results are segmented into the criterion parts. Again, it is Excel-based.

Site Visit Simulation

This is a comprehensive self-assessment, using a team of assessors to simulate the EFQM Award Assessment process. In large organisations, teams from sister companies are sometimes used to provide an "external view" and share learning between sites / companies.

The EFQM Quick Check, Business Excellence Matrix and EFQM Excellence Matrix are made to help you transfer information from one tool to the next, allowing you to build the picture over a number of assessment cycles.  These tools can also be used to capture the information you need for an external assessment.  These three ready-to-use tools are available for free for members to download within the Knowledge Base.

For Non-Members, publications are available to buy from our webshop, including:

We have also the developed the Internal Assessor Training to train people on how and when to use the different options available.

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