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The world never stands still. There are always new ideas, new technologies and new opportunities. Organisations need to continuously adapt to remain competitive. To do this, they must learn. And organisations, like individuals, learn from experience - both their own and of others. At EFQM, we believe in a world where organisations share their ideas, experience and learning to help achieve sustainable economic development. After all, a strong, stable global economy benefits us all.

Identifying Good Practice

Each year, hundreds of organisations are assessed for EFQM Recognition. Our Assessors come from our Members. They provide peer to peer assessments, helping organisations pinpoint what's currently driving their success and where they need to focus future developments. In doing this, they identify good practices that can be share within the network.

EFQM also runs an annual Good Practice Competition, focusing on a specific topic or challenge. This helps identify innovative approaches in emerging areas that affect us all.

Sharing Good Practice

We share these good practices through a number of different media: The EFQM Knowledge Base contains case studies on the good practices identified through the EFQM Excellence Award assessments and Good Practice Competitions. Regular webinars give insights into specific topics, tools and techniques. We arrange regular Good Practice Visits to EFQM Award Nominees and other leading organisations so you get a chance to see them "in the flesh". The annual EFQM Forum is designed to give you inspiration. The keynote speakers provide insights into new developments, challenges and opportunities. The EFQM Award Nominees provide concrete examples of how they are addressing these issues. Plus there is always time to meet others from the EFQM Network and exchange ideas.

To fully benefit from these opportunities, organisations need to be an EFQM Member. It also helps if you're willing to share your own experience with others; it's the exchange of ideas that really drives learning.

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