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First named EFQM News then the Red Thread, Excellence in Action is the magazine launched by EFQM in 2002 to share what works with its Community. Over the years, we’ve brought you contents from various writers and organisations, keeping in mind our mission to help you drive improvement, innovation and Excellence.

You often read or hear the expression “journey towards Excellence” in our communication. What does this mean practically? Well, this year again, we will share with you thematic articles carefully chosen that should inspire you and highlight Good Practices worth learning from or implementing within your organisation.

We will also use Excellence in Action as a medium to inform you of what’s going on at EFQM and among our Network. From now on, don’t miss any important information, read Excellence in Action…And find the PDFs here!

EFQM shares what works and supports your Journey towards Excellence!


  • December 2017

    With 2018 around the corner, it is time to look back again on a rich and eventful year. A lot has happened during 2017: great events have been organised, over 70 new members have joined, new partnerships have been signed, new EFQM products were launched, to only name a few. A lot of what has happened this year, you can read about in this magazine.

  • December 2016

    In this edition of Excellence in Action, we look back on an eventful year...A lot has happened and we would like to share with you some stories from the network and a few highlights from the past months. We also feature articles from our experts, related to the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence and webinar series from 2016. Read further to discover the organisations that were recognised in Q4 of 2016.

  • September 2016

    In this issue of Excellence in Action, you will discover the full programme of the EFQM Forum hosted in Milan on Sept. 29th - 30th but you will also read the latest news about what happened among the Excellence Network in July and August.  We also take a few pages to present the EFQM Excellence Award Nominees, but you will have to wait to find out the final results. We also feature articles on the Internet of Things, one of topics of the EFQM Forum, and about agility and sustainability (from Bosch Rodez). Enjoy the reading...

  • May 2016

    In this issue of Excellence in Action, we are glad to share the latest developments in the EFQM Community but also the contributions from our experts. We will come back on the EFQM Forum taking place this September in Milan under the theme "Driving Excellence beyond the Limits" and encourage you to join this event! We are also thrilled to announce the signature of a memorandum of understanding with the Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP), strengthening our partnership base in the Middle East Region, and also with the Chinese Association for Quality (CAQ)...

  • February 2016

    2016 is a turning point for EFQM! In this issue of Excellence in Action, you will find out more about the evolution of our portfolio and especially about the new Assessor Training Programme, the Forum 2016 and the Sector Networks. We also bring you news from our Middle East Office where new partnerships are created. Read further and you will discover who is hosting the first good practice visit of the year!

  • October 2015

    Welcome back! In this issue of Excellence in Action, you will find out who EFQM’s new CEO is, the outcome of the EFQM Excellence Award 2015, the launch of the EFQM Italia representative office, and a lot more! We have been quite busy these past weeks, find out all the details in the next pages...

  • May 2015

    In this issue you will read about Lean Six Sigma and EFQM and how they can work together, you will also discover the story of a family-owned business using the EFQM Excellence Model to improve its performances. Last but not least, you will find out what's happening in the Excellence Community!

  • February 2015

    In this issue: The 1st pillar of the EFQM Strategy - About expanding the Excellence footprint, The results of the Community Survey 2014, A Testimonial from Volvo Trucks on Innovation, The Launch of the Good Practice Competition 2015, the new Online Assessment Training and more...

  • December 2014

    In this issue : New EFQM Board Members and their contributions, The EFQM Excellence Award 2014, Sharing What Works and many more...

  • September 2014

    In this issue : Assessing for the Award - an interview with Dr Ian May, Smart Process Management - Step by Step by, Excellent Lean Production Framework, Summary of the Good Practice Visit to SBB Passenger Operating, and many other...

  • May 2014

    In this issue: St Mary's College: A World Class example of Continuous Improvement, The Journey of the European Ombudsman, EFQM expands its partners network, Excellence in Action: Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Excellence as a driver of organisational development at UNOPS, Quality Management Based on the EFQM Model at Alpenresort Schwarz, and many more...

  • February 2014

    In this issue: What do you think about EFQM, Is the Economic Crisis over?, Celebrating 25 years of Excellence, Embedding innovation in your organisation's DNA, RADAR - The EFQM's Management Tool, and many other...

  • September 2018

    Welcome to EFQM’s Quarterly Magazine “Excellence in Action”.

    At EFQM, we consider the topic of Digitalization as being a crucial Excellence Builder so therefore we have fully dedicated this Magazine to this subject.

    Enjoy reading this edition of Excellence in Action.

  • June 2018

    Welcome to EFQM’s Quarterly Magazine “Excellence in Action”.

    At EFQM, we consider the topic of Human Capital as a key Excellence Builder so therefore we have dedicated this issue of “Excellence in Action” to cover some of the many aspects of Human Capital and what challenges lie ahead for organisations.

    Enjoy reading this edition of Excellence in Action.

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