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The EFQM Excellence Awards have been compared to the Champions League.  To enter, organisations must first achieve either 5 Star EFQM Recognised for Excellence or have won one of our Partner's National Awards.  We train managers from our members to conduct the peer to peer assessments, ensuring the Assessor Teams reflect a broad range of sectors and backgrounds to maximise the learning experience for all.  The teams spend around 300 hours assessing each applicant, including a comprehensive site visit, making this one of the most robust assessment processes there is.

Applicants are recognised as EFQM Award Finalists, EFQM Prize Winners or, if they can demonstrate they have achieved an outstanding level of excellence in all the EFQM Fundamental Concepts of Excellence, an EFQM Award Winner.

They invited to present the good practices the Assessor Team have identified at the annual EFQM Forum, through Good Practice Visits and Webinars and as Case Studies in our Knowledge Base.

Why do they do this?  Because excellent organisations never stand still; they are always looking for the next opportunity to learn and improve.  And they do this through the EFQM Network.

What does Excellence mean to you?

Although there is no perfect answer to the above question we wanted to know what does Excellence mean to EFQM Board Members...

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