The Communities of Practice 2017 / 2018

In June 2017, EFQM launched the new cycle of the EFQM Communities of Practice (CoP) giving the opportunity to EFQM Members to share their experience with others on a specific topic and use this learning to generate new innovative ideas that may benefit the wider community.

One year later, in June 2018, the CoP team members met at a closing meeting hosted by GC Europe in Leuven, Belgium. They presented the outcomes and shared an experience with working on inspiring topics with enthusiastic people. Watch what the people learned and what benefits such initiative can bring to members of the EFQM community.

Introducing EFQM Communities of Practice from Pavol Surin on Vimeo.

EFQM Communities of Practice 2017 / 2018

The Communities of Practice 2017 were dedicated to the following topics:

CoP 1: The future of the EFQM Excellence Model 

The purpose of the EFQM CoP 1 “The future of the EFQM Excellence Model” was to contribute towards making the Model fit-for-future. This team has evaluated the future viability of the Fundamental Concepts by studying the megatrends which are reshaping the world of organisations, industries and wider society and investigating how other excellence models and standards react to these movements. In short, this CoP has focused on establishing what evolutions in the current EFQM Excellence Model are needed for the future.

CoP 1 Team Leaders

CoP 1 Team Leader
Mozhgan Sadr, VAMED-KMB



CoP 1 Deputy Team Leader 
Celal Seckin, Seçkin Consultancy and Training




CoP 1 Team Members

  • Bosch Turkey
  • BQF
  • Centre Hospitalier Neuropsychiatrique (CHNP)
  • Club Excelencia
  • Grundfos Magyararország Gyártó Kft.
  • Laatukeskus Excellence Finland
  • Philips Lighting
  • Quality Scotland
  • Robert Bosch Bamberg Plant
  • Siemens UK
  • INK

EFQM Members can download the CoP 1 outcome here.

CoP 2: How to develop the organisational culture to achieve excellent result

This team has analysed Award-winning organisations in search of examples of great organisational culture. The team has used EFQM’s definition of culture as well as the Edgar Schein’s model as a framework for their analysis. Identified examples have been compared with megatrends to distinguish between great culture and future-proof culture. In short, this CoP has investigated the following questions:

  • What is the effect of applying the EFQM Model to an organisational culture?
  • How to get from good to a culture of Excellence? 

CoP 2 Team Leaders

CoP 2 ​Team Leader
Pavol Surin, PosAm, spol. s r.o


Cop 2 ​Deputy Team Leader
Waheeda Spicer, Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited



CoP 2 Team Members

  • GC Europe
  • Philips Lighting B.V
  • Taheel Altamyuz Trading Company
  • T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

EFQM Members can download the CoP 2 outcome here.

CoP 3: Role models of Leaders in excellent organisations

The purpose of the CoP3 “Role model of leaders in Excellent Organisations” was to investigate what are the essential leadership qualities and typical behaviours that role model leaders have in common. In order to create this profile, the team has created a survey which was disseminated throughout the EFQM Excellence Community.

The outcome of this CoP will help leaders to identify and nurture the essential leadership qualities and characteristics in order to “Lead with Vision, Inspiration and Integrity”. The content presented will also steer discussion in the EFQM community as to the kind of leadership qualities that are linked with this Fundamental Concept and how current trends could potentially affect it.

CoP 3 Team Leaders

CoP 3 Team Leader
Jan Hendrik Peters, bmbg consult



​CoP 3 Deputy Team Leader
Christos Metaxopoulos, JASPERS - European Investment Bank



CoP 3 Team Members

  • Centre Hospitalier Neuropsychiatrique (CHNP)
  • CPC Unternehmensmanagement AG
  • European Investment Bank
  • Mando Corporation Poland
  • Robert Bosch (France) SAS / Rodez
  • Tknika

EFQM Members can download the CoP 3 outcome here.

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