Trainer Accreditation

The official accreditation to deliver EFQM Training

EFQM is working with a number of organisations and licensed trainers who help us promote Excellence and support us in the development of individuals across Europe and beyond.

To guarantee the high quality of training courses and make the EFQM Training the same wherever they are delivered, we have developed the “EFQM Trainer Accreditation Workshop (TAW)”.

Only EFQM can deliver the Trainer Accreditation Workshop.

During the course, you will learn about:

The course is about teaching you some of the tools and techniques related to EFQM implementation and self-assessment, but mainly about testing and analysing your skills to ensure you have the necessary capabilities for delivering the EFQM training courses.

During the course, you will be required to design and deliver 2 training sessions to effectively demonstrate your knowledge of the EFQM Model and capabilities as a trainer.

Who is this course for?

This course is for all those who wish to become an EFQM licensed trainer which will allow you to:

  • Deliver Certified EFQM trainings
  • Add your trainees to the EFQM Database
  • Distribute certified EFQM Diplomas to your trainees
  • Get access to the official EFQM Training materials

Pre-requisites skills

Before being allowed to register to this course you need to send the EFQM licensed trainer application form filled in. In it you will need to describe your experiences both with the EFQM Excellence Model (as an assessor, implementing the model etc.) and as a trainer. As EFQM is organising only two sessions a year, and we have a maximum number of 6 participants per session, EFQM will evaluate all applications on their merit and select the 6 most eligible applicants prior to the course.

Minimum pre-requirements are:

  • Your organisation is a member of EFQM
  • You are an active EFQM assessor or Validator, trained on the 2013 Model
  • You have experience in implementing the model
  • You have some experience training

Once you have passed you can follow the online modules to get accredited for the following courses:

  • Basic Assessor Training
  • Journey To Excellence Training
  • Leaders For Excellence Training
  • Internal Assessor Training

The Trainer Accreditation Workshop is the official accreditation to deliver EFQM Training. This is one of the requirements for obtaining the EFQM Training License. Participants will be evaluated against a tutor competency model, including an individual profile and remarks.

The course will run through the training material, focusing mainly on the self-assessment cycle and insisting on key messages to deliver during a training. You will also have the chance to practice part of the training during the accreditation workshop.

Valuable addition to your CV

Throughout the 3 days, you will be evaluated by the trainers, based on the EFQM Trainer Competency Model. This individual assessment and coaching is based on your presentations, interaction and knowledge of the EFQM Excellence Model.

This course is a pass or fail. Passing formally qualifies you as an EFQM Licensed trainer. It will demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and competencies to deliver EFQM training.

When & where?

This training is delivered at the EFQM offices in Brussels. Take a look at the Calendar to see when the next workhop is planned.


For the Accreditation workshop

  • EFQM Member : 1,400 Euro (Excluding VAT)
  • Non-Member: Not applicable

For the online accreditation modules

  • EFQM Member : 500 Euro/per course (Excluding VAT)
  • Non-Member: Not applicable

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