Preparing a new generation of business leaders

EFQM is helping to prepare a new generation of business leaders by offering training and development opportunities built on practice-based learning and exchange between organisations. Initially focusing on training Business Excellence Professionals on how to assess an organisation using the EFQM Excellence Model, our portfolio has expanded to include courses to support organisations in their journey and insitl a culture of Excellence.

Assessor Development Path

The Assessor Development Path has been designed to support the development of current and future assessors, allowing them to grow their skill set and gain experience through practice at all Levels of Excellence offered by EFQM. 

  1. Basic Assessor Training
  2. EFQM Assessor Training
  3. Qualified Assessor Training

Assessing an organisation applying for a Recognition Level and delivering high added value feedback is a difficult task requiring skills and experience which can only be built through practice. The Assessor Development Path answers to the strong need of having high level qualified assessors to get beyond the strategic thinking of an organisation.

Organisation Development Path

This training content is centered around the EFQM kernel & adapted to the needs and expectations of organisational stakeholders.  On the journey towards excellence, different stakeholders have different expectations.  These courses have been developed for:

  • Leaders, who want to lead and inspire excellence
  • Management Team, who want to understand, shape and manage excellence
  • Experts, who need the tools to plan, improve, measure and use self-assessment internally

The training are:

  1. Leading your Excellence Journey
  2. Shaping your Excellence Journey
  3. Internal Assessment Training

Trainer Accreditation Workshop (TAW)

Trainer accreditation sessions are regularly taking place to ensure consistency in the content and delivery of all EFQM courses.  These sessions are open only to the EFQM Partners and Licenced Trainers.  Should you be interested in becoming an EFQM Trainer, feel free to contact us at

Training at your premises

If you have a number of people to be trained, we are happy to deliver any of our training courses at your premises. This training formula is increasingly popular for several reasons:

  • You can determine the structure and objectives of the training in cooperation with the lead Faculty member so that, for instance, the course includes your organisation's specific tools and methodologies or company specific examples. We can TAILOR the training to your specific needs.
  • Confidentiality: employees can discuss openly in the knowledge that competitors are not present
  • Greater flexibility on dates. In addition, timing and the agenda can be adapted to your needs.
  • Cost savings on course delivery and travel can be up to 50% per person

Training by our Partners

Our Partners and Licenced Trainers are also delivering our complete or partial training portfolio in a large number of countries and languages.  Please refer to the Partners' section for more information.

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