Understanding an organisation's stakeholders

Your access to approaches used to identify the key stakeholders of your organisation

This guide gives a number of different approaches used by our members to identify the key stakeholders of their organisation. Depending on the size, scope and core activities of your organisation, you should select the method, or combination of methods, which you think best meets your needs.

As stakeholders have either influence or interest in the performance of the organisation, it is key that any organisation has clearly identified the different stakeholder groups, understands their level of influence and takes their opinions, priorities and concerns into account when developing and reviewing strategy and supporting policies.

Gaining consensus on the key stakeholder groups, the level of influence they have on the organisation and the impact the organisation's performance has on them is an important exercise when it comes to prioritising and balancing the different demands of these groups. It is also important when deciding how the organisation will establish and maintain a dialogue with the different groups.

The document is laid out as follows:

  • Stakeholder Definitions
  • Simple Brainstorming Approach
  • Ring Fence Diagram
  • Stakeholder Mapping Approach
  • Examples: We've included a few examples, from both the public and private sectors.


  • Introduction
  • Stakeholder definitions
  • Simple brainstorming approach
  • Ring fence diagram
  • Stakeholder mapping approach
  • Aligning stakeholders to EFQM Results Criteria
  • Examples

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